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Ashley! What a treat! I was extremely lucky to work with her...

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Her dedication and creativity are inspiring. Thankful to have worked with her!

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"Ashley Jaeger [was] an outstanding manager and employee for any future employer. Ashley was previously my manager [at] VRJAM...which I joined as a marketing intern after university, and for the duration of our time working together she was nothing but professional, approachable, and reliable...working under Ashley I am now able to say I can confidently and competently carry out many of the aspects...for running a successful marketing campaign. Ashley was able to teach me how to use several [programs], including: Google Suite, Wrike, Mailchimp, and Adobe. [She] was also more than willing to assist and guide me in my other tasks, which revolved around copywriting, liaising with outside agencies and clients, and organising and implementing VRJAM’s social media content calendar. Even when Ashley was promoted to Head of Marketing, she still made time in her schedule to consistently provide me with the one-to-one support that I was receiving previously, a Herculean task as her new role involved her being present in nearly every other VRJAM department.

Although I was not very experienced with the practical side of the role, Ashley still appreciated my opinion when it came to marketing matters and was always open to discussing my ideas and suggestions, something which I appreciated as a new employee who needed reassurance in my abilities. This reassurance came more and more as I was promoted to Digital Marketing Coordinator, a role I definitely would not have been able to achieve if it was not for Ashley’s support, and as I eased into the role she was more than willing to let me carry out more independent work so that I could learn more and improve my skills..."

Talal —

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"Ashley! What a treat! I was extremely lucky to work with her at VRJam where she was "Head of Marketing" and I was heading the Tech. team. She was actually hired to help someone else who would be taking the lead position, but since we never found this someone she filled these big shoes in less than two months.

Ashley is a hands-on person not afraid to go in and do what's needed for the success of our little start-up. Fixing the site, photoshopping images, editing videos, whatever we threw at her she managed to learn on the go and achieve results. She is also very dedicated to her work: I have seen her post on social media after midnight and on her holidays. I know this might mean more than one thing, but in her case it was because of her dedication: she just cared for the success of the company and the team.

I would highly recommend her to any small to mid size team for anything Marketing/PR/Soc Media/etc. related."

Ivo —

"It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Ashley as our Branding Manager and Social Media Specialist! In my experience, Ashley got an extraordinary talent for making brands come alive, significantly enhancing our and our clients’ online presence. Her social media strategies and designs are excellent, resulting in impressive growth and engagement. Her dedication and creativity are inspiring. Thankful to have worked with!"

Mo —

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"Working with Ashley was fantastic. I found her as a person with great expertise and profound knowledge of business solutions. Strong, skilled and responsible marketing department lead. Ashley is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. Is always capable of adapting to new working environments. Very positive attitude towards work. Besides being a joy to work with, Ashley is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company. She is a a credible person and I will always hold her in the highest esteem."

Alex —

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"I got to know Ashley as an incredibly motivated employee. Ashley is always ready to do extra work, learns quickly and always gives more. Ashley has a very high work ethic and no 9-5 mentality.

As a person, Ashley is very social, collegial and spontaneous. A real asset to your team, I will always recommend working with Ashley!"

Leonie —

"I recommend Ashley as a person who has profound knowledge and great abilities of advanced business solutions. She consistently demonstrated a solid work ethic at VRJAM as well as a commitment to success. Loyal, insightful and independent. Her organizational skills have been invaluable to the company. Besides being a joy to work with, Ashley is a person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company. She learns quickly and I would have no doubt in working with Ashley once again in the future."

Yuwei —

"Ashley has been great to work with, being an essential member of the team and in charge of Marketing at VRJAM. I worked with Ashley on various projects in which she displayed a clear vision of the direction the work should take, as well as communication skills to ensure that each team member was on the right track. I would recommend Ashely as a core member of any team."

Jack —

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"I have experienced Ashley as a highly valued colleague who has taken our department to a higher level. Thanks to her efforts, our field service has been given more tools to close the deal and has also relieved the field service of various tasks."

Jeroen —

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Ashley Jaeger

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